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The Eagle

The significance of the Eagle logo on injury rehabilitation:

The 7 well documented habits of the eagle can not only be extrapolated to leadership but also to injury rehabilitation and hence the Bigginswood physio eagle logo.

Eagles fly high and use the wind to their advantage

The way we co-ordinate all our body parts into one movement pattern for an activity we love to do enables us like an eagle to use our movement to our advantage. After injury it is important that we restore our movement patterns at Biggins Wood physio we make sure that when you leave us we have screened your movement patterns and you are cleared to continue those activities you enjoyed.

Eagles are fearless 

They cherish and protect what is important to them, the first part of rehabilitation is to listen to your body the communication system your body uses is pain to tell you to put the brakes on and have an initial protection period. Then you have to identify the best way forward to restore the ability for your body to pursue the activities you previously enjoyed. At Bigginswood with our functionalmovement system way of screening, assessing and rehabilitation works to restore your bodies movement and balance.

Eagles love the storm

it is important to have the knowledge and the tools to address the injury so that you are not fearful but optimistic about where you can be and not at where you are now. Bigginswood physio will work with you to weather the storm.

Eagles have great vision and focus 

from their nests they can see the strengths , weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the environment. At Bigginswood we will help you navigate through the unfamiliar environment identifying the above and removing barriers to your rehabilitation process.

The eagle is gentle, attentive and nurturing

At Bigginswood we believe the best way to recovery is follow the PEACE and LOVE anacronym. We are here to support and nurture you through the process.

Eagles retire until new feathers grow

Again it is important that we have a period of Peace but we need to LOVE the injury to in order for the body to heal best. Here it is important that we load and exercise at the right dose for the injury in order for us to improve blood supply and exercise tolerance. The exercises are about restoring movement patterns and getting stronger to return to the activities we enjoy. At Biggins wood we guide you through the process and then screen you at the end to make sure the movement patterns and strength are good enough and that the rehabilitation goals have been met.

Eagles train their children to maturity , protecting them throughout

We will ensure that your pathway back from injury will be a success and that we will prepare you and guide you throughout the rehabilitation pathway. As new tissue is laid down by the body this tissue needs protection initially in order to heal and then to mature and become strong the tissue needs load and less protection over time. Increasing the activities and the exercises in a graded exposure ensures the new tissue will have to adapt to the controlled and graded stress and strain of the exercise and movement environment they are exposed to and the better the exposure the better the maturity and with maturity comes better and stronger tissue.

Better parts and better parts working together means better movement patterns better movement patterns means better movement health better movement health means improved ability to get fitter and stronger without injury due to a great resilience.