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Traumatic sports injuries require a proper assessment of the structures that have been injured and the extent of the damage. This may require the services initially of the accident and emergency team and then a referral to an orthopaedic doctor. The rehabilitation will require a physiotherapist and early rehabilitation leads to better outcomes.

I have experience in working at a major trauma center in the UK working on the wards and in the orthopaedic department, and many years experience working in the outpatient department, rehabilitating traumatic injuries not only relating to sport.

I have worked with runners, footballers, triathletes, netball players, cricketers, gymnasts, dancers, rugby players, cyclists, swimmers, martial artists, fencers, cross fit athletes, skiers and weight-lifters at all levels.

The 4 pillars of performance are:

Motor control
Postural control under load
Energy storage
Energy release

My job is to find the factors that led to the injury and restore the pillars so that you can make a return to your sport.